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ok i tried it and i am speechless its amazin

Thank you very much (:

it took me the entire night to download

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It look great with all the reviews and picture so ill try it


I'm getting an error:

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good game really like the level of detailing on the maps


The assets and the level design are not mine, they are from Epic Games as free learning assets. I have worked on the gameplay enhancements you can find in the project description.


The game is AMAZING! Here are some things you can improve: 
- Possibility to select time of the game and to select amount of deaths.
- A 2 players splitscreen mode.  
- Of course in a future a multiplayer mode without LAN would be amazing, but that i suppose that's not easy. 
Other than that, it has amazing graphics, the playability is excellent, the weapons and habilities are really interestings. The wall run it's really cool.
If you continue working with this game, it will be wonderful.
Of course you have five stars because i enjoy a lot the game and i believe that you're gonna make amazing improvements.


Thank you Javier! I'm happy that you appreciate my enhancements :)


very fun! I Hope you keep updating it. great work. following 

Thank you very much! :)